Tuesday, October 6, 2009

44). Wow Sanlam S.A Fashion Week was really AwEsOmE, What a fantastic working experience!!!

So at Sanlam S.A Fashion Week - 16 - 19 September 2009. I worked backstage with two of the ladies from The Sanlam S.A Fashion Week Office...

I can say it was really once in a lifetime experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat.
I worked backstage doing all sorts of things, The best part was that I got my Make-Up done in the morning by an amazing Make-Up artist called Julia Jones, Got free Nando's Take-Away for Lunch and Paid Parking, What a bonus!!!
I met so many great South African Designers, Stylists, Make-Up artists and other interesting people in the Media and fashion Industry!!!

Here below are some of the Backstage photo's I took as well as at the Sanlam S.A Fashion Week Barbie After party which was at The Venue in Melrose Arche...


Above: The Make-Up Artist that did our Make-Up everyday.
Julia Jones.

Above: Myself and Elana Africa (5FM) Presenter.

Above: Backstage Staff, Walker

Above: Backstage staff, Lisa.

Above: Lucilla Booyzen's PA, Maps.

Above: The Sanlam S.A Fashion Week Announcer, Jo.

Above: Jo again.

Above: Stand Photo.

Above: Stand Photo.

Above: Barbie Stand photo.

Above: Amazing Celeb Stylist and Fashion Producer, Sheldon Kopman.

Below Pictures from The Sanlam S.A Fashion Week After Party @ The Venue @ Melrose Arche:

Above: Myself and a Top Billing Presenter, Colin O'Mara Davis.

Above: Myself and Actor in the new South African Movie The Race-ist,

Above: Myself and Debra Buckley - A fellow class mate/college student.

Above: From the Left: Jo, Lisa(Designer), Designer (Name Unknown), Debra Buckley.

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