Tuesday, November 3, 2009

64). Today's Quizzzzz.....

Just a Fun Quizz For Today!!!
Try it out.

Will you tell nothing but the truth in this survey ?
Yes, Definitely.
Last person you talked to?
Do you have any pictures of your ex in your room?
What makes you mad right now?
Is it worth crying over a guy or a girl?
Yes but only for like a day:).
Would you date someone who smokes?
No, Have done and it was just not cool.
Who was the first person you talked to today apart from family?
Lisof Students.
Do you think you can last in a relationship for three months?
Yes Maybe.
How are you feeling at this exact moment?
Do you get drunk every weekend?
No, I'm not big on Alcohol.
If you have a baby with the last person you kissed?
Not possible:).
When was the last time a member of the opposite sex hugged you?
Have you ever regretted letting someone go?
Not really.
Last night did you go to sleep smiling?
What would you do if your ex wanted to get back with you?
Tell him to fuck off.
Do you have a funny last name?
What kind of dressing do you regularly use on your salad?
Random… Any Salad Dressing.
Do you wanna start over with somebody?
Yes, Sometimes.
Do you gargle salty water when you re sick?
No, ew.
What’s your relationship status?
What’s more important, family or friend?
Have you kissed someone today?
Have you ever copied someone else homework?
Who will you be sleeping with tonight?
I’m on my lonesome.
When was the last time you cried?
Hmm, Sometime in August
Are you a nice person?
Yes I think so, Sometimes too nice
Where did you go today?
To College.
Do you get along with members of the same-sex?
Are you afraid of losing the last person you talked to?
Is there someone who meant a lot to you at one point, but isn’t around anymore?
Do you want to talk to anyone at the moment?
Yes very much so, but there not in the country!!!
What’s so special about what you’re wearing?
Love my AwEsOmE Skinny Jeans.
Have you smoked a cigarette today?
No, I don't smoke.
Do you hate the last guy you had a conversation with?
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