Thursday, September 3, 2009

33). This Is My Style & One Of My Top Tips To Live By Is!!!

Ask yourself???
Should you trust your gut???
Well, I think you should and according to the article below taken from Glamour Magazine 2007 it's a must!!! - I use it in my day-to-day experiences.
Your natural instinct could be wiser than you think.
You've got to pay attention to them!!!
Ever taken an instant dislike to someone? Then you've probably wondered how you came to that option so quickly.
"People assume that instinct is the opposite of thinking : that it's a decision made by your heart instead of your head", Says Malcolm Gladwell.
"But gut decisions represent real thinking,
albeit the kind that takes place in the blink of an eye. So that 'sense' you have when you meet someone ought to be taken seriously".
There are six need-to-know facts.
1. Not everyone uses gut instinct.
"Some people make decisions based on logic, while others work from their feelings'. explains academic Dr Peter Clough. "The best way to tell which way you work is to listen to what you say to yourself. Do you say, 'I think' I should do this' or 'I feel' I should do this? 'I think' people are logical and weigh up the pros & cons, & 'I feels' make decisions based on their emotions."
2. Woman are more in tune with it than men.
"Gut instinct is more of a female thing." Says Dr Clough. "Take house buying for instance - woman tend to go on how 'right' it feels, whereas men will go home & look at the facts & figures before making an offer. Sometimes big decisions,like house buying, are best made on instinct. After all, you have to live there so if it doesn't feel right, don't do it".
3. Instinct can be honed to suit our own needs.
"An expert should trust her gut instinct about art, a chef about food," Says Malcolm. When it comes to romantic attraction, we're all experts. If you don't feel it in that first instance, you probably never will."
4. Instinct can't always be trusted.
"Don't make big decisions based on gut reactions if you're in a highly emotional state, tired or nervous," Says Dr Clough. "That's when you need to take a more logical approach - even just sleeping on it will help. How many times have you looked back at a situation & thought. "I'm so glad I didn't send that email'?"
5. Sometimes instinct can be clouded.
"Too much information can be a bad thing," explains Malcolm. "The best intuitive decision-makers know how to intelligently edit the facts placed in front of them. When diagnosing a heart attack, for example, research shows that doctors do better when they know just a few key facts abouts the patients."
6. When your head isn't sure, follow your gut.
"We're in situations of uncertainty all the time," explains Malcolm. "Is that the right thing to say to my boss? Is this street safe? During unsure moments like these you don't have the time (& sometimes, the experience) to sort through the various options. You need to make a decision, & make it immediately. That's what your gut instinct if for".
Source: Glamour Magazine 2007

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