Tuesday, September 1, 2009

25). Music, Inspires me in every aspect of My Life.

Danny K is one of my biggest Idols/hero's and he inspires to achieve everything of the best in life.
I have met him a few times, he is an awesome guy and very down to earth.
I Love his "Style".
Most of these photo's were E-mailed to me personally by his Manager.

Love the Fedora Hat and cute T-shirt he was wearing here. (This photo was taken on the 4th April 2009 at his Gold Reef City One Night Only Show)

This Photo above was taken at the Jo'burg Jacaranda' Greatest Day Out 2008.

Styling here by Carducci - (Photo sent to me personally by his Manager)

Here again, I love the Fedora and Long-Sleeve T.

Above: Love This Look Best!!!

Photo's from Google.

Above photo taken at a Unite Of The Stars concert.

Above: I love these Jackets, Smoken' HOT!!! Denim & Leather!!!

These are cute!!!

Photo here with In-Cha - From her website: http://in-cha.co.za/

Best Inspirations.

Photograph Sourced from:



and Personally sent to me from his Manager.

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