Thursday, September 10, 2009

39). I must say!!! What an AwEsOmE week this has been!!!

It started off not so great due to disappointing marks that I've received back for group work, but hey it turned out to be Fabulous!!!

I have been awaiting a call for a while now as to whether or not I'm on the list to work at Sanlam SA Fashion Week and guess what Wednesday was the day, so i went there to find out what was required of me and it's very exciting...

I'm getting All Access and what I'll be doing there is signing everything that comes in and goes out of the Convention Centre including the Designers Garments!!! How rad it will be, up close and personal with some of the most elite of S.A Designers!!!

Backstage photo's of the event to follow (If I'll be allowed to take that is)...

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