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14). A AwEsOmE T.V Presenter for Top Billing "I met" Kelly Parkhurst.

Here more 'About' her:- All taken from the Top Billing Website:

This young and ambitious lady had chosen a life in the spotlight from an early age.

After being told by Nelson Mandela when she was 10 that she ‘resembled Elizabeth Taylor’, the acting bug bit and a passion for performance was established.

Beating 8000 other contenders to a prestigious spot on Top Billing’s stellar presenter line up, she is relishing the challenges of the fast-paced lifestyle. Thrown straight into the deep end, she is fast learning the art of charming a crowd, her intelligence and sense of humour paving the way for a bright future.

Kelly is currently halfway through a B Comm. which she is doing through UNISA, no mean feat for this busy presenter. With a BA in Live Performance already under her belt, she decided to pursue further studies by correspondence so as to ensure she didn’t miss out on any business opportunities during this busy new period in her life.

Her favourite timeout from her hectic schedule is a good book and cup of tea.

What she’s up to at the moment…At the moment I’m still learning the ropes at Top Billing. When I won the Presenter Search I thought the transition from actress to presenter would be a breeze, how naive! Reality hit once I started working though. It’s a challenge to be myself in front of the camera as one of the things that I enjoy about acting is the opportunity to become another character.

I’ve had to get used to being ‘Kelly’ in front of the camera, which I think I’m starting to achieve.Recently though, I’ve been spending a lot of time studying for and writing exams so if I pass everything I’ll be half way through my B. Comm! Now that my exams are finished I might be going to Johannesburg for a few months from the middle of July. The entertainment industry is much bigger there and a lot of Top Billing is shot there as well, so I thought I should leave my comfort zone for a bit and try out a new city! Jozi, here I come!

Most memorable Top Billing shoot?

It would have to be one of the very first shoots we did – in /Malaysia and Bali. The last shoot was in Kuala Lumpur and we had seven hours to capture as much as we could. The Petronas Towers, three temples, sun downers at the Skybar which has to be the most amazing bar I’ve ever been to – overlooking the city – and then finally rushing back to the hotel to pack. What a day!

When I wake up I …

Boil the kettle, get back into bed, make tea and then back into bed, then eventually think about getting up.

After Top Billing I want to…

The usual – own a conglomerate, win an Oscar, stop global warming… On a serious note though, Top Billing is still so new to me that I can’t think beyond that yet!

I’m happiest when…

I’m drinking tea.

I love…

Travelling. To anywhere that has history. Maybe it’s the storyteller within me but I love to imagine who was standing in the same spot as me 100 or 1 000 years ago.

My favourite thing to do over a weekend…

As I grew up in Durban, I still can’t get over all the parks here in Cape Town – with all the jungle gyms. I often find myself having a swing or trying to convince someone to see-saw with me. I wish I went on hikes more often but I always seem to end up choosing smoothies and a movie over a hike.

When I was younger I wanted to be…

Whoopi Goldberg. I loved her.When I realised this was impossible, I decided acting was the next best option.

I’m good at…


I’m bad at…


I drink my coffee…

No coffee, only tea. Strong and milky

The website I visit most it…

Facebook. I’m addicted

Winter or summer?

Winter. More opportunity to snuggle.

My favourite book is…

I’m a bit of a bookworm so there are lots, but one of my favourites is The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay.

This photo above was taken at this years Durban 2009 - E-mailed to me personally by Kelly.
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