Thursday, August 27, 2009

24). My TOP "Lil' Inspirations" from Lisof!!!

These are HOT looks to live by,
Awesome trends or spring and chilly summer evenings when the heat hasn't kicked in yet!!!

Above: Nicole (a friend in my class)
Schweet Top, Kissable!!!
She's as awesome as her dress sense.

Above: Bradley Muttit, Funky Dude!!!
Love the colours in his outfit!!!
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Above: Chaya Finger, This chick totally rocks!!!
I Love the Gel Leggings!!!

Awesome pic's not taken at Lisof, not sure where, but love them!!!
Tamsin Du Plessis.
Love the Big Glasses & Bright Top.
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Above: Jess Sutherland

Awesome 2yr design student, her style is so out there, but I love it!!!

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More still to come.....

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