Wednesday, August 12, 2009

3). Inspiring Street Styles!!!

Funky Street Fashion!!!
Above : Gwen Nienaber!!!

Above : Lauren (apologies if it's spelling incorrectly) "I think this is a Sasha-Lee Davids(Idols 2009) look alike"!!!
Love this bright pink coat, cool way to brighten up winter!!!
Above : Sharee Nienaber.
Love the black top, but surely you could've made your hair look sexier!!!

These photo's below were taken on the 09August2009 @ the Graeme Watkins Fans get together!!!
Above: Cardeux Nel.
I love this purple top!!! Stunning!!!
Above: Keandra Brown.

Above: Matthew Mundell.
I love the shade of blue in this outfit, I think it'll be a Hot colour for Summer!!!


  1. Inspiring styles for upcoming Spring Wear!

  2. Thanks for the comment Martin, But please join!!!